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The Secret Recipe To $3,000 A Week And Beyond

The secret to collecting new money daily is to build yourself an EMAIL (AND) SMS list!

Yes, email is still the reigning king for follow up.

But relying on email alone, is a foolish mistake.

I started noticing this trend about 6 months ago, when I'd get emails AND text messages, from the same person, promoting upcoming workshops, trainings and videos.

Take a look for yourself:

Molly is promoting a free 5 day video challenge inside a Facebook Group and is using SMS as a communications channel (Very wise of her to do this!)

Josue Penas team sending a follow up (?) via SMS.

Manuel Suarez promoting an upcoming training via a SMS Broadcast message.

You see, at the end of the day, it's (NOT) a debate about whether or not email is "dead". We all know that it's not.

It's just that in todays competitive environment, you need every advantage you can get ahold of.

So when you come across the opportunity to conveniently add SMS to your arsenal of weapons, you do it.


You do it like this

You're right.

List building has always been a 'thorn' in the foot for marketers such as yourself.

Up until now, there's been no easy way to collect email and sms.

That, plus, its a technical nightmare to collect both email and phone, so that you're building 2 lists, congruently and simultaneously.

So let me ask you this...

What If Gave You All The Pages, Lead Magnets And Connected All Of The Tech Dots For You, So That Everything Is Push Button Simple And Takes (At Most) 10 Minutes To Set Up And Customize, So You Can Promote Whatever Program, System Or Opportunity You Want?



If you can make it that easy, I'm all ears.

Perfect then.

Lets get you introduced too...

Inside of Pay Day Secrets, you'll have access to cutting edge opt-in funnels, that not only give you the ability to build EMAIL AND SMS lists, but also gives you the ability to send a TEXT MESSAGE BROADCAST to your opt-in lists.

With this one advantage, you'll be able to promote live streams, webinars, challenges, etc... at the click of a mouse, thus creating a flood of new conversations on demand that can lead to a lot of new sign ups and sales.

Here's A Snippet Of What's Included Within Pay Day Secrets...

Now, in full transparency, lets reveal what's NOT included inside of Pay Day Secrets

Now, before you freak out and click X to exit out of this page...

Just know that neither of the above (getting an autoresponder or activating Twilio) is a complicated issue, so there's no need to get stressed out.

Connecting your autoresponder and creating a Twilio account, will take you 20 minutes, from start to finish and that's on a bad day.

And if by chance, you run into any complications, you can always hit us up, for full support. We offer email, phone and Messenger support.


Doesn't matter what you promote, what the program is, what the product is, what the compensation plan is, who your sponsor is, etc...

None of that stuff matters.

All that matters is that you will have access to the funnels you need, to be able to collect the leads you need, to be able to make the money you want.

Great question.

Within Pay Day Secrets, the leads are 100% yours and no one elses.


If we wanted Pay Day Secrets to be like those (OTHER) platforms, we'd simply give you a free autoresponder and a free sms account, both of which would be complete crap (because they're free) but we'd make you believe that you got the magical "Silver Bullet". When in reality, the leads would be hosted on our server, so we could easily siphon your leads onto our lists and you'd be none the wiser.

(FYI, your suspicions about those (OTHER) platforms doing what I just described is spot on... folks (ARE) stealing your leads and they've been doing so for years... which is why its so important for you to CONTROL your own lead flow and the only way to do that, is to use your own autoresponder and Twilio account!)


Here ya go


SMS Funnel #1: Promotes Any "Make Money" Offer

100% Generic - Can Be Used With Any System Or Opportunity

SMS Funnel #2: Crypto

Are You Into Crypto? - If Yes, Then This SMS Funnel Is Yours For The Taking!

SMS Funnel #3: My Software Business

Are you a member of Text Bot / My Software Business?

If YES, then this SMS Funnel will help you collect new leads and more sales!

But Wait... There's More...

What would an offer be without some amazing bonuses connected to it?

BONUS #1: My Top Secret "Solo Ad"
Lead Generation Funnel W/I Ad Copy

Street Value: $396

BONUS #2: Micro Case Study:
$500 In 15 Minutes Via Text Message?

1 PDF + 1 SMS MONEY CODE = $500?

I'll reveal the $1,000 offer we have that we currently promote on Instagram, that's nothing more than a 16 page PDF + 4 Digit "Money Code". Hint, it looks like this:

Street Value: $600

BONUS #3: SMS Funnel #4 - Pay Day Secrets

Street Value: $3,500

I gotta be honest with you.

In writing up this page, seeing all of the time and money spent building these pages, creating the tech so everything flows together, the emails and sms swipes, etc.. it's literally mind boggling that you're getting ALL of this for the one time, low ticket price of...

When You Say "YES" Today, You Can Have ALL Of This...

Total Value: $14,996
Only $259 One Time

Honestly, there is no other higher quality lead generation system that will give you 100% control over your own leads + plus give you auto call and auto text + give you the ability to drip feed sms and emails!



I hinted at it earlier, but I didn't talk much about it, so I'll tell ya about it here...


Within Pay Day Secrets, you can collect 100% of the $259 license fee.

Full commission, paid direct to you, simply connect Stripe and you're in business. 10 minutes. Easy Peazy.

Plus, with the order bump @ $39/mo, you get 50% or $19.50/mo.

Pay Day Secrets gives you a powerful new way to add an unlimited amount of newly minted cashflow, that's paid direct to your pocket.

Lets not forget, you're getting...

And when you have something this good, this easy, this fun and this simple to use, the offer literally sells itself.

So while Pay Day Secrets may not buy you a Lamborghini in 30 days, it can easily send you an extra $5,000 - $8,000 a month, on the side, in addition to any other deals you may have going on.

Just something to think about.

With that said...

You might want to get signed up now.

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Did I just tell you that we have a full on social media arsenal, ready to be shared with you?


Me thinks I did!

Oh well.

Cats outta the bag now.

Ok, NOW, it's time for you to make a choice.

You IN or OUT?

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